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Option 2 \;for the SAP License Managem ent Webinar: \;Thursday\, May 7th at 8:00am PDT/11:00am EDT/ 5:00pm CE ST.

Presenter: \;Kevin Kuestermeyer\, Senior Product Mana ger\, Security Weaver
Presentat ion: \;4 Ways You Are (Or Will Be) Overspending
on SAP Licenses
To join the event go to: \; ID=ead5d9225f89374e68a945d4446f2d9c0
Audio Only \;Call-in toll free number (USA/Canada): \;1-866-469-3239

For global call-in numbers: \;
http s://
Access code: \;921 645 571
If prompted for an event password: SWUG \; \;
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